Project Spotlight

Pivot Power

2 x 50 MW / 50 MWh
Energy storage accelerates a clean electric future in the UK

Towards a net zero target

Storage fuels renewable transport investment in the UK

The UK has an ambitious goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to be net-zero by 2050. Wärtsilä’s experience in energy storage and complex multi-application systems resulted in offering a new solution in the UK market: deploying the GridSolv Max solution, incorporated with GEMS software, to integrate with electric vehicle (EV) charging stations along UK grid and motorways. GEMS dynamically adjusts according to the demands of the markets across multiple revenue streams, allowing Pivot Power to both manage and optimise a fleet of large-scale energy storage systems and renewable assets under a single portfolio. These storage projects have created an infrastructure that can scale to accommodate projected growth in and the switch to electric vehicles throughout the UK.

Main Data

Customer Pivot Power
Site size 2 x 50MW / 50MWh
Site locations Cowley, Oxford
Kemsley, Kent
Applications Balancing services for the
UK National Grid, including:

  • Frequency response
  • Electricity market trading
  • Reactive power and electric vehicle charging services
Scope of services Engineered equipment delivery (EEQ)
Lifecycle solution  10-year service agreement with
performance guarantees
Delivery 2020
COD 2021

Cowley site

The 50 MW storage system in Cowley is the UK’s first grid-scale energy storage system directly connected to the transmission-network and is the first part of what will be the world’s largest hybrid energy storage system. The system is the first portion of the £41 million government-backed Energy Superhub Oxford project led by Pivot Power. The Superhub project integrates energy storage, electric vehicle (EV) charging, low carbon heating and smart energy management technologies to decarbonise Oxford by 2040, creating a blueprint for other towns and cities to achieve net zero. The system is the first to go live as part of Pivot Power’s plans to deploy up to 40 similar sites throughout the UK.

Delivering clean, smart and flexible power

The integration of grid-scale batteries with the charging stations provides grid balancing services, plus the sophisticated GEMS software focuses on performance optimisation for both renewable—energy storage and EV charging stations—and traditional power sources. These systems provide several services—such as frequency regulation—and for each service, generate a different value stream. GEMS’ data-based intelligence optimises the suite of ancillary services to support the grid, and in doing so, helps generate revenue, enabling Pivot Power to benefit from multiple revenue streams, while also supplying balancing services for the UK National Grid.

The deployment of these two systems showcases Wärtsilä’s competencies in optimising energy systems and combining multiple power generation assets into a flexible and reliable solution that can dynamically adjust according to the demands of the market, optimising the energy produced. As the global market, and, in particular UK clean energy goals, moves towards more flexible and sustainable energy systems, storage will continue to provide the needed flexibility and reliability to support renewables and their integration.


When energy storage meets electric vehicles: Smart solutions for critical infrastructure challenges

In the fast lane towards net-zero: Wärtsilä and Pivot Power discuss building sustainable energy infrastructure to accelerate the adoption of a clean transport future.


Wärtsilä's Solution


Provide grid balancing services to the UK National Grid

Adding reliability to the grid via sophisticated storage and EV design

Reduces carbon footprint in the UK

Integrate renewables

Grid-balancing services to ensure the reliability of electricity generation and supply across the UK grid

Enables the growing share of renewables

Support transition towards low-carbon infrastructure

Future-proofing of assets under a single portfolio

Greater National Grid stability and flexibility

At Pivot Power, we are committed to enabling a clean electric future and accelerating the expansion of electric vehicles across the UK. These Wärtsilä energy storage systems allow us to harness cutting-edge technology to future-proof our investments in a changing energy market, supporting our long-term goal to reduce the UK’s carbon footprint and bring us closer to net zero.”


The 1st utility scale transmission-connected energy storage solution to accelerate the UK transition to clean energy transport

Wärtsilä and Pivot Power discuss how smart technologies and flexibility are required for the growing battery storage and renewable energy infrastructure market in the UK.