Island Grid+

Empowering the renewable modernisation of islanded grids.


Islanded grids present a unique set of challenges, particularly the need for reliable energy to provide critical power needs.

Storage offers a sustainable alternative, bringing islanding capabilities that result in lower energy costs, a smaller carbon footprint, the ability to boost renewable energy consumption, and critically, increased reliability and sustainability of the grid.

Wärtsilä Island Grid+ Solution offers both economic and environmental benefits for grid-scale capabilities for localised energy. The Island Grid+ solution is a comprehensive package suite that empowers the delivery of reliable, sustainable and efficient power to islanded grids, ensuring that all assets are used to their full potential.

Graciosa on the path to a 100% renewable energy future

In the Northern Azores region, energy security was a concern for the island of Graciosa due to a high dependence on fossil fuel imports in an isolated area. A hybrid approach to energy generation for microgrids—optimising multiple generation assets, including wind, solar, storage and thermal generation—address baseload supply requirements while accommodating fluctuations in output that are inherent to energy supplied from renewable sources. The entire system is optimised and monitored by GEMS, operating as the island grid controller, to maximise the performance and longevity of the Graciosa energy system.



Energy Storage and Islanded Grids

How can energy storage help?

Remote/Islanded Solution

  • Reliable power supply/only power supply
  • Lower cost with distributed power generation through higher utilisation of renewable assets

Grid-Connected Solution

  • Cost savings by optimising operations of assets against utility tariffs
  • Reduced dependence on power grid
  • Seamless transfer and grid reconnect
  • Hedge against future rate increases


An island’s path to 100% renewables

In this special podcast from Wärtsilä, we look at how the island of Graciosa transformed its grid.