Optimise your energy, future-proof your assets, maximise revenue streams

Wärtsilä’s sophisticated GEMS energy management system is a smart software platform that monitors, controls and optimises energy assets on both site and portfolio levels.

Addressing complex technical and economic factors, GEMS supports a wide variety of battery and power electronics to achieve optimal system performance. GEMS integrates and controls individual resources and entire fleets comprising energy storage, renewables and traditional thermal generation. Using machine learning and historic and real-time data analytics to optimise the asset mix, GEMS enables customers to remotely monitor, operate, identify and diagnose equipment with unrivaled safety, reliability, and flexibility.

Protecting critical infrastructure

The first energy management hybrid controller in the industry to receive the prestigious IEC-62443 Cybersecurity Certification

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GEMS Features

360° Visibility

Provides energy producers with a holistic view into their grid system operations while also pinpointing and isolating any system malfunctions automatically.

Data-Driven Intelligence

Automated decision-making based on real-time and forecasted data (device status, weather, grid measurements, and market data). This intelligence optimises system performance while reducing costs and offers flexible warranty management of multiple battery technologies.

Open & Secure Archictecture

Based on open, standard communications protocols and architected around cyber best practices to ensure both cutting edge performance and security. Hosted in the cloud or behind the firewall of a secured network.

Component-Neutral Technology

Offers the best potential technology solution available in the market, designed for our customers specific project lifetime objective. We integrate seamlessly with distributed resources and devices including: batteries, PCSs, PV solar, wind, hydro, engines, and gas turbines— 70+ installations with 16 battery and 12 inverter types integrated.


Our solutions optimise the operational value and energy performance for the life of the system. The portfolio is specifically designed to adapt to changes in market conditions and rate structures, effectively future-proofing energy storage investments for both energy providers and regulated utilities.

During our commissioning tests, several load rejections were tested, including loss of wind, loss of engines and loss of demand, and in every circumstance, GEMS instantaneously tracked and maintained the quality of the generation avoiding the load shedding of the grid. This is just one example of how this project will improve operations through automation while helping the island avoid blackouts, achieve greater efficiencies and use more wind power.”


GTM Storage Focus Longer Battery life, Lower Operational Costs

Wärtsilä discusses how the latest innovations in system design and performance monitoring are enhancing battery life and reducing operational costs alongside Duke Energy and Wood Mackenzie.