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Our energy storage technology

Leading global energy storage integrator

Wärtsilä provides optimised energy storage technology, including energy storage software, hardware, as well as services. Combined with the deep global resources and expertise, we seamlessly integrate traditional and renewable power sources, provide visibility into critical energy systems and optimise multiple generation assets — all while delivering unsurpassed reliability, flexibility and safety to energy operators around the world.

Energy customers are seeking solutions that are integrated and safe, with minimised field installation time. Wärtsilä's sophisticated storage technology delivers solutions that are flexible in design, speedy in delivery and optimal for use-case.

Wärtsilä GEMS Digital Energy Platform

GEMS Digital Energy Platform

Sophisticated software platform that monitors, controls and optimises energy assets on both site and portfolio levels

The GEMS energy management system controls energy storage, renewables and traditional thermal generation assets using machine learning and historic and real-time data analytics to calibrate what type of generation is needed at specific time with unrivaled safety, reliability, and flexibility.

Wärtsilä energy storage technology

GridSolv Quantum

The next-generation energy storage hardware solution

GridSolv Quantum introduces modular flexibility as a holistic, fully integrated system. Compact and minimalist in design, GridSolv Quantum ensures the lowest lifecycle costs and the smallest system footprint, plus minimised scope and complexity of EPC activities.


Fire safety is crucial to the growth of energy storage in 2023

Commentary about fire safety in the energy storage industry is usually limited to one key challenge: single-cell thermal runaway. The reality is more complex.

Your competitive advantage in designing, integrating, and managing generation assets.

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Future-proofing energy storage

With changing dynamics in the energy market, energy asset owners and operators will be successful only if they future-proof their energy storage investments. Learn about Wärtsilä’s approach to future-proofing energy storage projects in two significant markets: the United Kingdom and California.