GridSolv Quantum

The next generation energy storage system

GridSolv Quantum: Optimised for flexibility, functionality and safety

Make Wärtsilä’s next generation energy storage system your next smart investment.

GridSolv Quantum introduces modular flexibility as a holistic, fully integrated system. Compact and minimalist in design, it ensures the lowest lifecycle costs and the smallest system footprint, plus minimised scope and complexity of EPC activities across locations and market applications.

The system comprises the following main parts:

  • Battery enclosure with pre-installed liquid cooled battery racks and all sub-systems such as HVAC
  • AC and DC outdoor rated cabinet, which interfaces battery strings with the inverter and provides an interface for auxiliary power and communications
  • Interconnection busbars and cables

GridSolv Quantum to help lower U.S. city’s electricity costs

The City of Martinsville is the first to have access to Wärtsilä's just released next-generation GridSolv Quantum. AEP-Martinsville will balance the grid and build greater resiliency Southeast U.S.

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Flexible design. Speed of delivery. Optimised energy.

GridSolv Quantum can be paired with leading inverter manufacturer’s products, lending maximum flexibility for project-specific configuration and grid connection options.

GridSolv Quantum Features

Flexible and Rugged Design

Single enclosure installation or as a system of several parallel enclosures, enabling the most optimal configuration to meet project requirements. High seismic/wind speed capabilities, large temperature range, and high painting specification.

Speed of Delivery

Units are delivered to site fully tested and with batteries and a cooling system.

Ease of Deployment

Minimal field wiring, civil work and trenching needed to deploy an ESS.

Optimised for Use-Case

Unit-to-unit DC connection and AC auxiliary distribution—as well as signals, and communication interconnection—which are provided as part of GridSolv Quantum scope of supply.

High Availability

High system availability and a long lifespan with minimum service interventions.


GridSolv Quantum is designed with safety at the forefront. NFPA 9540A tested batteries, 60-minute fire rating, fire detection, pressure relief and a choice of fire suppression methods.

“This innovative storage solution is precisely what we needed to deliver solid operational and financial benefits for the City of Martinsville. The installation will enable us to help the City offset peak load periods and more effectively manage their overall energy usage and costs as well as their reliance on traditional peak energy resources.”


The fundamentals of energy storage

What is energy storage – and how is it linked to balancing and flexibility? Wärtsilä compiled a dictionary that explains key industry terminology.