Pairing engines with energy storage to form a full integrated and optimised system

Engine+ enhances the efficiency, flexibility, and speed of engine and hybrid power plants by delivering power to the grid instantly.

The Wärtsilä Engine+ Solution is a comprehensive package suite that integrates Wärtsilä hybrid power plants (engine power plant and energy storage) seamlessly with renewable generation, ensuring stable and uninterrupted power generation, resulting in both economic and environmental benefits.


Hybrid power plant

Engine-based generation + energy storage

The Engine+ storage hybrid power plant solution primarily generates value by reducing engine power plant operational expenses through the GEMS Power Plant Control platform—leveraging sophisticated forecasting and machine learning to provide real-time optimisation—flexible engine generation sets and GridSolv hardware.

The benefits provided by this integrated and automated renewable mix include:

  • Fuel savings, reduced emissions through the improved efficiency of the engines’ run time
  • O&M optimisation and savings
  • Spinning reserve replacement, enhanced dispatchability, which saves running hours and maintenance,
  • Fast return on investment—the typical payback period ranges from 2.5-4.5 years for an existing power plant

This is a power generation solution for islanded grids, small islands, and commercial and industrial (C&I) sectors.



Wärtsilä Hybrid Power Plant Solutions

High efficiency engines—integrated with energy storage and renewables—offer considerable potential for fuel and cost savings. Especially in remote areas, such as islanded and isolated grids where fuel prices are generally high, these types of integrated hybrid power plants hold great promise. Investments are future-proof and fuel flexible.

The Wärtsilä hybrid power plant is configured and sized specifically for the customer needs to ensure maximum asset value in the specific operating environment. All integrated assets are controlled, monitored and dispatched through Wärtsilä’s GEMS energy management platform, which seamlessly leverages the most cost-effective source in real-time, while maintaining system stability and respecting all operational requirements to meet the operator’s goals.


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