Project Spotlight

Eolian Madero and Ignacio

200 MW / 500 MWh+
Creating the largest merchant battery system in the world

Enabling a flexible future for ERCOT

Adding stability to Texas' grid

Amidst a rising frequency of extreme weather events, increasing penetration of intermittent resources and the need for fast-responding generation in Texas, the state needs more flexible resource solutions like energy storage for grid support and energy resource optimisation. 

With over 500 megawatt-hours (MWh) of capacity as a combined project, Madero and Ignacio is the largest fully-merchant and market-facing energy storage facility built to date. The facility’s multi-hour continuous dispatch capability provides the longest duration of any energy storage assets currently operating in ERCOT.

Main Data

Customer Eolian
Site size 200 MW / 500 MWh+
Site locations South Texas, USA
Applications Storage+, Ancillary Markets (Fast Frequency Response (FFR), Frequency Regulation, Responsive Reserve Service (RRS), ERCOT Contingency Reserve Service (ECRS), Non Spin Reserve Service (NSRS)), physical energy trading, new ERCOT capacity based products depending on final market rules
Scope of services Engineering, Equipment, Delivery (EEQ), Service+ GAP
Delivery 2023

In the midst of an uncertain market redesign process, Eolian invested hundreds of millions of dollars to construct these projects using cutting-edge technology. Madero and Ignacio are the definition of functional dispatchability and will keep the lights on while keeping electricity affordable.

Putting the best hardware and software forward

Meeting market needs with industry-leading hardware and new software applications

The facilities are optimised with both Eolian and Wärtsilä’s software solutions. Wärtsilä’s GEMS Digital Energy Platform is a critical aspect of the system, which monitors and controls the flow of energy, enabling these projects to provide grid support during periods of grid instability. With Wärtsilä’s Storage+ Solution, the projects will deliver key ancillary services required for grid stability, such as fast frequency response and frequency regulation. The Madero and Ignacio sites are the first systems to use GEMS to qualify for fast frequency response in the ERCOT market.

The project includes Wärtsilä’s GridSolv Quantum, a fully integrated modular and compact energy storage system that offers the lowest life cycle costs, fastest deployment times, highest quality control and maximum flexibility. GridSolv Quantum is certified to UL 9540 and 9540A by Eurofins MET Labs along with CSA, and is fitted with several safety features.


Wärtsilä's Solution


Meet the rapidly evolving flexibility and reliability needs of the ERCOT market

Completed project on time and without large cost disruptions

Flexible capacity for grid support and energy resource optimisation to ensure a smooth transition from older inflexible generation

• Deliver grid infrastructure during a difficult period including a global pandemic and severe supply chain disruptions

GEMS monitors and controls the flow of energy

Improve grid stability in Texas after several extreme weather events with fast-ramping resources that can quickly adjust to unforeseen conditions driven by supply or demand volatility

Wärtsilä’s Storage+ solution delivers key ancillary services required for grid stability

Provide year-round reliable operational ramping capacity in ERCOT