Project Spotlight


8 MW / 32 MWh
Stability and flexibility in the Chilean desert

Energy storage solutions for accelerated decarbonisation

Stability and flexibility for one of the largest power generation companies in Chile

Wärtsilä is providing Colbun, one of the largest power generation companies in Chile, with an 8 MW / 32 MWh energy storage system to accelerate decarbonisation in the region. The battery system will be co-located with Colbun’s 230 MWp Diego De Almagro solar PV facility in the Atacama Desert, an area well-known for its solar radiation.

As Colbun’s first energy storage system, the project will allow the power generation company to integrate additional renewable energy capacity and achieve net-zero emissions. This is also Wärtsilä’s first energy storage project in South America.

Main Data

Customer Colbun
Site size 8 MW / 32 MWh
Site locations Atacama Desert, Chile
Applications Renewables+
Scope of services Engineering equipment delivery (EEQ)
Delivery 2022
Wärtsilä's energy storage project in Chile

Chile has become a leader in renewable energy and the country has one of the most ambitious and economical decarbonisation plans in the world. We are excited to enter the Chilean market to assist Colbun and others to capitalise on the opportunity to realise a 100 percent carbon neutral energy system with market-leading energy storage technologies within the next few decades.

Optimised energy assets with energy management system

Increasing the value of the solar-plus-storage facility

By incorporating energy storage, Colbun can contribute to renewable energy intermittency, or fluctuations in power production, while capturing the full value of its growing portfolio of renewable energy sources.

The Diego De Almagro storage facility includes Wärtsilä’s GridSolv Quantum, a fully integrated, modular and compact energy storage system managed by Wärtsilä’s GEMS Digital Energy Platform.

GEMS is a sophisticated energy management system that co-optimises the utilisation of the energy storage system and the solar PV facility. Through machine learning and data analytics, GEMS determines the most economical periods to dispatch energy to and from the energy storage system, increasing the value of both assets.


Wärtsilä's Solution


Facilitate Colbun's carbon neutrality by 2050 goal

Integrated Colbun's first energy storage system for the power generation company's growing portfolio of solar energy assets

Greater flexibility and network capacity for additional renewable energy integration

Reduce constraints on the transmission system from Colbun's new 230 MWp solar facility

Optimised the solar-plus-storage facility with Wärtsilä's GEMS Digital Energy Platform, increasing the value of both assets

Reliable energy supply during peak periods for 80,000 households

Promote flexibility and ancillary services to provide grid stability as Chile's coal-powered plants are decommissioned over the next few decades

Prevention of solar energy curtailment and revenue loss