Project Spotlight

Island of Bonaire

6 MW / 6 MWh
Increased renewable energy penetration for the Island of Bonaire


Energy storage and GEMS enable intelligent renewables integration and greater energy reliability on the Caribbean island of Bonaire.

The Caribbean island of Bonaire sought to ensure the reliability of the island’s energy supply and to increase renewable energy generation. ContourGlobal Bonaire, in cooperation with Bonaire’s power company, Water en Energiebedrijf Bonaire N.V., partnered with Wärtsilä for Wärtsilä’s GEMS sophisticated energy management expertise. Bonaire now hosts a 6 MW / 6 MWh energy storage system to reduce excess energy losses by a substantial margin.

Main Data

Customer ContourGlobal Bonaire
Site Size 6 MW / 6 MWh
Site Location The Caribbean Island of Bonaire
Applications Island Grid Control
Renewable Integration
Wind Curtailment
Scope of Services EPC
Delivery 2019

Sophisticated energy management system signals a renewables boon for Bonaire

Wärtsilä’s GEMS enables customers to intelligently synchronise power assets within a hybrid system, and new resources can be easily integrated. Specifically, for Bonaire, GEMS eliminated the issues presented by renewable intermittency by using artificial intelligence and historic and real-time data to calibrate what type of generation is needed at a specific time. After completing the first phase of the project with Wärtsilä, the island has stopped curtailing excess energy losses from its wind resources, increasing annual wind energy by 6-8%

This project is the beginning of a longer-term plan to fully modernise the island’s energy system and to add additional capacity and renewable energy generation to the grid, while setting Bonaire on the path to achieving its 100% renewable target without compromising on energy reliability.


Maximising utilisation & performance of RE through smart technology & storage systems

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Wärtsilä's Solution


Replace outdated thermal technology and integrate renewables

A hybrid solution optimising thermal, wind and energy storage assets

Nearly doubled renewable energy penetration, ensuring the island is on the path to achieve its 100% renewable target

Curtail the island’s wind resources

A phased approached to implementation to spread out costs and ensure cutting-edge technology integration

Improved operation through automation, lower cost of energy and reduced blackouts

Prepare the island for additional capacity to accommodate peak energy demand during tourist season

The provision of spinning reserves to reduce fuel consumption and emissions

Enabled the growing share of renewables to be integrated into the island’s generation mix


During our commissioning tests, several load rejections were tested, including loss of wind, loss of engines and loss of demand, and in every circumstance, GEMS instantaneously tracked and maintained the quality of the generation avoiding the load shedding of the grid. This is just one example of how this project will improve operations through automation while helping the island avoid blackouts, achieve greater efficiencies and use more wind power.”


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