GridSolv Max

Standardised storage for the core hardware assets within our energy storage systems

Flexible and modular storage

Our standardised GridSolv Max container is a cost-effective energy storage solution. GridSolv Max significantly increases energy density and system reliability for meeting customer energy needs while also adequately future-proofing their hardware assets. This innovative architecture simplifies installation and integration across any energy storage application or deployment size.

The standardised GridSolv Max storage enclosure consists of one ISO 40’ unit and includes:

  • Batteries
  • Safety system
  • Fire Safety System
  • Power distribution
  • Air conditioning system

North Carolina’s largest battery now running in Asheville

Wärtsilä’s GridSolv 9MW system will help Duke Energy add more solar to the grid while maintaining reliability.

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GridSolv Max Benefits

Increased Energy Density

Achieve up achieve up to 6 MWh of energy storage capacity. That is approximately 19kWj/sqft and is one of the densest packaging available today. Up to six types of batteries can be used per project.

Improved Efficiency

By standardising the equipment and critical components, we are driving repeatability and improving our process with each deployment—resulting in adequate project staffing, better management of build materials and greater procurement accuracy.

Reduced Cost

Cut 40-50% of your EPC timeline as battery racks, controllers, wiring and ducting, are pre-installed. Experience a cost improvement of over 30% when compared to custom deployments.

The project was accomplished smoothly, owing to the great engineering work of Wärtsilä [formerly Greensmith Energy]. The integration of the energy storage system is a huge step in ALTEO’s Virtual Power Plant development, and we strongly believe that this technology has opened us new opportunities to successfully respond to upcoming challenges.”


Energy storage accelerates a clean electric future in the UK

Wärtsilä and Pivot Power, an EDF Renewables UK-owned developer, partnered to deliver a network of grid-scale batteries via GridSolv Max to provide essential capacity for rapid EV charging.