Smart energy

Real-time energy asset optimisation with GEMS

Wärtsilä has a long-proven track record of 70+ grid-scale system installations globally, integrated with wind, hydro, solar and thermal generation, and optimised by industry-leading GEMS energy management software.

As the world moves towards 100% renewable energy, utilities, IPPs and other energy providers are motivated to harness the potential of intermittent energy sources such as solar, wind and hydro power. Our mission is to make energy storage a fundamental part of a cleaner, more intelligent and distributed energy infrastructure.

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Wärtsilä’s sophisticated GEMS energy management system is a smart software platform that monitors, controls and optimises energy assets on both site and portfolio levels. Addressing complex technical and economic factors, GEMS supports a wide variety of battery and power electronics to achieve optimal system performance. GEMS integrates and controls individual resources and entire fleets comprising energy storage, renewables and traditional thermal generation.